Aperitivo con gli amici

Aperitif-time means releasing tensions, letting go of all worries and enjoying carefree quality time. To do this you need, first of all, the right attitude.

There are the squares, the bars, the streets of the centre. Or there is your home. And if you decide to stage the aperitif in your home with the people you love, start to realise that you are not facing an exam (will everything be in order? Will there be enough to eat? What if I haven't cleaned the floors?). This is a moment you are entitled to: the opportunity to let yourself go and be more true to yourself. So stop worrying and let your imagination run wild. Transform your home into a cheerful wine or cocktail bar and follow our steps to organise a perfect aperitif.


As mentioned, take a deep breath first and try to keep performance anxiety from taking over:



that you are already halfway through the evening, visualise the laughter, the gossip, the sense of warmth; well, now you can begin!


be mindful: does anyone have allergies or other problems? Is anyone teetotal? Will anyone bring their children? Check you have everything in the pantry. If not, go out shopping.

Assuming you have everything you need at this point, start thinking about a playlist and do it based on the people you've invited. If you are all childhood friends, a nice dip into the music of when you were teenagers, making your way in the world, could be the most suitable soundtrack. If you fancy something different, try making a themed compilation. From a lounge-style aperitif to a rock-and-roll aperitif and snacks, from a country-and-western finger-food party to romantic drinks with songwriters, in short, the choice is yours, as long as there is a choice!


Once you have stocked up on food and drinks, chosen the theme, selected the music, next think about how to set up the space but remember that one of the beauties of the aperitif is being able to move around to fill your plate. If you can, prepare several spots to place everything there is to eat. One scheme we can suggest is to have special spaces for each type of food, from a crudités corner (remember to serve these first!) to the focaccia counter, from a drinks table with bottles and glasses to the trolley with appetisers.

As with all important ceremonies, an aperitif needs an official "starter’s gun". About a quarter of an hour after the crudités, come in with a bottle of wine and uncork it in the centre of the room - with this gesture the evening will be officially inaugurated. Go ahead progressively unveiling, after the "vegetables", a taste of carbohydrates (focaccia, various breads, sandwiches) and then a second round of drinks. At this point, let the guests wait and, only when the conversation starts to falter (clear sign of the desire to nibble something), bring the gastronomic highlight to the table. This is where Arbi can assist by offering you the superfine goodness of its breaded products, ideal for a finger food divertissement, and the apotheosis of taste and beauty: the fish steak strips.

Finally, think of how to end the evening in a memorable way. A suggestion? You could ask each of your guests to write a short inspirational phrase on a piece of paper, collect all the pieces of paper, have each person "fish" one from a bowl with the instruction to open it before going to sleep and only then share the phrase on the aperitif chat.

Because… you did create an aperitif chat on WhatsApp, right?

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