More conscious use of water

An in-depth study was carried out on the resource of water, as an indispensable element for production and for sanitation of the production environment and equipment. Cleaning cycles were analysed, both COP (i.e. manual with operator) and CIP (fully automatic industrial kitchen washing) systems. This led to a reduction in the use of water while still maintaining high levels of sanitation and hygiene. These optimisations then led to a reduction in cubic meters of water drawn and waste water sent into the drains. Speaking of numbers, compared to the previous year, for each kg of product, we have:


  • 9% less water going down the drains
  • 11.1% less water drawn from our supply

More sustainable fishing

In procuring fish raw materials, too, we are increasingly focussing on purchasing that is sustainable in terms of fish stocks and the marine environment. We collaborated closely with the WWF to make a survey of all the fish species we purchase, by area and method of fishing, classifying the results. This created a useful business tool that gives us precise and reliable information for sourcing sustainable species. For the purchase of our Argentine shrimps, we are using fishing boats that are part of FIP (Fishery Improvement Project), where fishermen/shipowners, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), government authorities, researchers and other members of the fishing industry work together to improve the practices and management of a fishing chain. In terms of numbers, compared to last year, Arbi increased its purchase of raw fish from sustainable (FIP) and certified (MSC-ASC) sources by 109.7%.


More and more renewable

As of this year, Arbi is buying electricity from certified 100% renewable sources. A great achievement, celebrated by the logo on our packaging. This means that the energy that powers our production processes comes from renewable sources such as water, sun and wind.

The efficiency of our production lines has also been improved, with important investments and a new shift system that has significantly reduced electricity consumption.

We protect not only our products, but also the seas and the forests

Since last year, Arbi has embarked on a path towards reducing consumption and production of plastic in packaging, and total elimination of non-recyclable packaging. Over a four-year programme, we will save 51% of plastic, which means 95,000 kg less of plastic produced.

In January 2021, in our fried product line, the multilayer plastic packaging will be replaced with single-material PET (polyethylene terephthalate). The latter is 100 percent recyclable, does not lose its fundamental properties during the recovery process and can thus be transformed over and over to create other valuable products.

We also protect forests: about 80% (by weight) recycled paper is commonly used in our paper packaging. Outer corrugated boxes and cartons are made with recycled paper, and are therefore 100% recyclable.

We have eliminated the use of adhesive tape for closing cartons from our pasta toppers production line. In fact, with the automatic packaging machine we have been able to completely eliminate its use.

Here at Arbi, leftovers are a treasure

Our leftovers are a precious treasure. Our mission is increasingly focussed on the frontier of "circularity", where nothing is thrown away, because all waste goes back to being raw material:


  • organic waste becomes a raw material for pet food
  • paper waste becomes a raw material for the production of cardboard
  • plastic waste becomes a raw material for producing plastic objects

Blue Resolution Association: environmental protection association

For more than 60 years the sea has meant for us love, passion and respect. We strive every day to protect its natural resources, safeguarding them and controlling their proper exploitation.
And with this in mind, Arbi has decided to donate €0.005 to the Blue Resolution Environmental Protection Association for each package sold under the dual Arbi and Blue Resolution brands, to support and finance environmental protection and safeguarding projects. Thanks to these funds and to the contributions from private individuals, including the authors of Arambi published by Feltrinelli and the Arbi family, the Association will plant 1000 trees a year in 2021 and in the following years, to help combat the presence of CO2 in the Earth's atmosphere. It will also give some port areas in Tuscany and Liguria special "marine baskets" for collecting plastics in the sea, contributing to the protection of our territory and our natural environment.


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