About us

The story of Arbi began in 1958, inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of Dario Arbi, sole proprietor of a company focussing mainly on poultry breeding and slaughtering, which quickly became an important production and commercial business in Tuscany.

In the early '80s, the company diversified its commercial offer, moving into the world of frozen food, still in the poultry sector, quickly becoming a leading producer in this segment and serving all the most important companies in the sector.

In the same period, the company began producing frozen fish, as Dario's sons, Stefano and Maurizio, joined the company. They could see changes in the market and consumer behaviour and redefined corporate production and marketing management. Together they had to face a new crisis in the “frozen poultry” market and the modified structures of organised distribution, with the growth of large-scale distribution.

It was in these years that Arbi transformed itself into a new industrial concern and began its growth and expansion, focussing on creating new product lines and expanding its range, to become a point of reference in the frozen food sector.

Production was concentrated on the frozen fish sector, which seemed to have the greatest potential for development. In a short time Arbi acquired a significant market share and confirmed its widespread presence in retail outlets, becoming an increasingly qualified and reliable partner for large retail chains.

The company continued to grow and expand, and ARBI DARIO SpA was founded, in the 2000s consolidating its position as market leader.

In 2004 the new plant came into operation; in 2007 the new industrial kitchen plant was built, ensuring production efficiency and volumes suitable for the ever-increasing growth of the brand, enabling the launch of the new line of Ready Sauces that in a few years would conquer important market shares.

In 2011 the new industrial expansion project was launched, bringing the plant to a total area of 45k m2, to ensure even more efficient and flexible product management and to support an increasingly complex and diversified market demand.

The third generation of the Arbi family, Alessandro and Lorenzo, entered the company a few years ago, thus continuing the family tradition that characterises company management, with the same spirit and the same dedication as its founder Dario.

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