The dream of embodying taste, the joy of offering pleasure, the pride of being sustainable.


People are what they eat. Strong in this belief, our role as a food company implies awareness of operating in a market that requires responsibility, and of responding to the basic needs of our customers.

We create products that guarantee taste satisfaction, ensure correct nutritional values and are the result of a cutting-edge production process that aims to be increasingly sustainable.

We want to be allies of our customers in the search for a lifestyle that can combine pleasure, well-being, attention to protecting the oceans, the environment and collective health in a virtuous way.


Arbi is Family
We give the same attention we reserve for our family to everyone.

Communicating in a clear, prompt and effective way is what we are committed to doing every day, respecting the trust of consumers, customers and stakeholders.

Respect for and profound knowledge of our tradition are an essential factor in our way of acting, which we pursue every day through research and innovation to which we dedicate great commitment and passion.

The right measure is what guides us in creating recipes, as in relationships with people, with companies, with the world around us.

In a modern society, the company must combine the comfort offered to consumers with the guarantee of bequeathing a better world to future generations. For us, sustainability is not just a goal but an unstoppable process that every day configures new horizons.

Animated by the love for our work, we are proud to be able to offer that taste which brings joy, conviviality and a sense of belonging in every mouthful.

The essence of Italy
For us, being Italian means style, beauty, creativity, love of good food. An Italian heart beats in our products.

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