Innovation and tradition are the principles that guide our production processes.

At Arbi, innovation means aiming at the target shown us by the future, which is why our systems can guarantee total traceability, in real time, of all products. Innovation is also synonymous with food safety, which we ensure through our in-house laboratory, where we carry out chemical and microbiological analysis of products.

Tradition is identity, love of Italian cuisine, respect for the Earth, which is why we invest in sustainability and suggest recipes based on the authenticity of ingredients.

Research has a strategic role in our daily activity, combining Mediterranean tradition with avant-garde chain management systems.

It is the merit of our research and development department that our products are so tasty, safe, and exactly satisfy consumers' search for goodness.

Every day our researchers make controls on every product and process, verify organoleptic and quality standards, and also create new flavours. It is their passion that rediscovers historic recipes, transforming them into contemporary dishes.

Arbi also means organisation, starting with our modern, efficient logistic system that responds to distribution needs with maximum speed and flexibility, guaranteeing delivery terms to points of sale.

All this, in order to arrive punctually, every day, on our customers’ table, with maximum goodness.

The factory

1. Monsummano Terme (PT) with an area of 45000 m2

Logistic platform

With a capacity of 9000 pallets. Our logistics platform is geared to respond to distribution requirements in a very rapid and flexible manner, ensuring on-time deliveries and maximum efficiency.

Production capacity

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