Circular economy

We have enthusiastically embraced the principles of the circular economy and are guiding our company towards this new paradigm based on the logic of reuse and recycling. From energy supply to packaging design that is as sustainable as possible, from elimination of waste to the choice of recyclable materials, from ecological updating of the production chain to optimisation of storage and transport, the circular economy has become for us a new line of thought, that affects every sector of our business. We expect our suppliers, too, to respect the logic of circularity, starting by reducing their packaging.

Extended Check-Up Tool

The report on the measurement of circularity published by the Institute of Management of the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna of Pisa, following application of the Extended Check-Up Tool, classified Arbi as pro-activist (a company that has undertaken its own path towards circularity and has prepared a plan of future actions for its maximisation). This evaluation analysed procurement, planning and design, production, distribution, waste management, and completeness of information provided to consumers.

The Extended Check-Up Tool is an investigative tool for evaluating 39 aspects of the production system, thanks to the application of qualitative and quantitative scales. Arbi's total score was 70%, a very positive result that places our company among the most qualified and active in terms of circularity, not only nationally but also internationally.

Performance Green

The main areas considered by the Institute of Management were:

  • Procurement
    Arbi was evaluated as proactive in the adoption of circular measures because it looks for raw materials, semi-finished products and secondary raw materials that allow recycling, recovery and reduction of waste. The good practice of requiring suppliers to comply with stringent environmental guidelines was also underlined
  • Design
    our propensity to adopt circular choices was defined as “strong”, right from the design stage. Singled out for note were the LCA study we launched to compare the best packaging solutions, and the attention paid to developing efficient transportation
  • Production
    the report described the validity of the path taken by Arbi, in particular in managing organic waste, defined as 100% circular. Using electricity from entirely renewable sources is also of great importance
  • Distribution
    Arbi researches and optimises transport from our suppliers of logistics, both in terms of route and of optimising loads. Reusable pallets were also purchased for deliveries, with a view to virtuous reverse logistics
  • Consumption
    complete, transparent information to consumers and implementation of awareness campaigns show Arbi as decidedly active in disseminating good practices and environmental awareness
  • Waste management
    significantly, there is no need to manage unsold items, as projects are in place for donation before the expiry date. The report also underlined the validity of the pigging system project for recovery of sauces, with 3% reduction of organic waste, and packaging policies that minimise the production of waste during processing.

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