Quality and safety, always

Being on consumers’ tables is a big responsibility


We are enthusiastic about this, with the same enthusiasm you would feel for making a family dinner for your loved ones.

We believe in what we do

We are aware that the love and attention we invest in our work are the best guarantee of satisfying the needs of the people who put our products on their table. 

This is why we are the first to test and evaluate what we produce, recommending that our own families taste it. We are the first consumers of Arbi products – this is our quality choice.

The sea is passion, respect, knowledge. In 55 years we have learnt a lot from the sea and from our clients. So today we can offer original dishes that recall tales of the sea and the earth’s rich produce. We adore that little thrill you get with something tasty, when a new flavour surprises you – this is what we want for Arbi customers.

Maximum goodness is, for us, a duty, just as it is our duty to guarantee maximum safety.  This is why we have created Arbi’s quality system ensuring:

  • choice of suppliers and controls on raw materials in their place of origin
  • traceability of every single ingredient and all packaging
  • in-house analysis laboratory: carrying out 7700 chemical and microbiological tests per year on incoming raw materials and 2970 tests on outgoing finished products 
  • monitoring of organoleptic qualities: our team of internal tasters carries out organoleptic tests 4 times a year on the product being made, so we can guarantee ARBI quality for every product that leaves our factory, on its way to the end consumer
  • all employees are very highly qualified and undergo constant training and updating regarding health and safety regulations
  • a highly automated, advanced technology production cycle, which ensures food quality and safety 

Arbi – a quality choice

Our guarantees

Quality of raw materials: we operate a series of careful, constant controls for food safety and the health of our products. 
In this way we aim to guarantee our consumers not only a high quality standard, but also high standards reached in terms of the organoleptic characteristics and taste of our products. 
Our suppliers undergo a careful, detailed evaluation process before being selected, so for us they are safe, reliable partners. Raw materials are lab-analysed using the HACCP method to check their conformity to reference values defined by the quality system. Only if they pass all the tests are they considered “suitable” for production. Testing is done both internally – in our quality laboratory – and externally, using the most important, best-accredited Italian and international analysis institutes.
Control of production chain: every step of the production cycle is constantly checked and verified, from selection of raw materials, to work processes, right through to final packing. We are committed to providing clearly and promptly all information necessary for forward and backward traceability of food products, at all points of the production and distribution chain.
Quality and goodness go hand-in-hand. In order to put on the market products that are really good to eat, healthy and safe, we work closely with nutrition experts, who carefully evaluate the characteristics of our products. Every day, a panel of expert tasters works on the organoleptic analysis of our products, judging the flavour, smell, aroma and taste of every single product made and shipped from our premises, to ensure constant goodness and quality over time.
No GMOs: we have chosen not to utilise GMOs, but to use only raw materials from “safe” sources. We can be certain of guaranteeing GM-free products throughout the entire production process, from the raw materials, certified by suppliers, to the packaged foods, which undergo strict laboratory testing.




The BRC and IFS standards are international certification systems whose aim is to use common principles to harmonise the different health and safety standards used by large-scale distribution across Europe. These standards identify specific elements of product quality and health and safety management, using the HACCP method as reference. The BRC (British Retail Consortium) was formed in the UK and has become an institution there. The IFS (International Food Standard) is an equivalent version from the key players of large-scale distribution in Germany, France and Italy.

IFS - Certification obtained with

top score: High level

BRC – Certification obtained with

top score: Grade A

ISO 9001: 2008

This standard for managing a company system focuses on process integration and continuous improvement.

It is the internationally recognised Quality Management reference for any company that aims to address both the need to increase effectiveness of internal processes (reducing inefficiency) and growing market competition (improving client satisfaction and loyalty).

The primary aim of ISO 9001 is continuous improvement of company performance, enabling the certified company to assure its clients that the quality of its goods and services will be maintained and improved over time.

We are aware that the love and attention we invest in our work are the best guarantee of satisfying the needs of the people who put our products on their table.Amore e attenzione che mettiamo nel nostro lavoro
We adore that little thrill you get with something tasty, when a new flavour surprises you – this is what we want for Arbi customers.Amiamo quella piccola sensazione di meraviglia
Quality is simple. We are committed to pursuing it very seriously day by day, so that we never betray the trust of the people who put our products on their table.La qualità è semplice
To win consumers’ trust, every day we give complete commitment to what we do, our passion and all our abilities – this is how we work.Per conquistare la fiducia
Commitment, passion, ability. Thanks to these ingredients, we can guarantee taste and wellbeing to the people who put our products on their table.Impegno, passione, competenza