Mare Caldo Seafood Starter

GDA table
GDA = % of daily amount recommended for an adult based on a 2000 kcal diet.




  1. Remove tray from box – do not defrost.
  2. Put straight into the oven – don’t open the sealed cook-tray – and cook as indicated below.
  3. When cooked, remove tray from oven (careful – it’s hot!). Don’t open yet – shake well, without turning over, to mix ingredients.
  4. Cut open film and remove tray. Add fresh parsley and a drizzle of olive oil to taste or, for more taste, a pinch of chilli pepper. Serve, if wished, with toast. Enjoy your meal!

Convection oven – 25 minutes pre-heated to 200°C (if you are using a static/conventional oven, cook for additional 2/3 minutes).
Microwave – 7 minutes in microwave at 700-750°C.
Exact cooking times depend on the type of oven used (not suitable for gas ovens)

  • Mare Caldo Seafood Starter The tenderest calamari from Patagonia, mussels in the shell, shelled prawns, extra virgin olive oil, lemon and parsley. Nothing but the best quality for a seafood starter, ready to eat!
  • Net Weight 350 g
  • Serves 2/3 porzioni (porzione consigliata 140 g)
  • Pezzi per confezione 6