Una cena perfetta

There is always a bit of a difference between what you plan and what you manage to accomplish. With your imagination you create the perfect evening, starting from the atmosphere, but in reality something always happens that shuffles the cards ...
Or not.


When on your side you have the taste, the skill and that pinch of love that makes everything extraordinary, there is no fear of hitches - your dinner will be perfect!

Let Arbi go with you and make your dream dinner.

Try following these 3 very simple steps:


  • Close your eyes for 30 seconds and breathe focusing on the breath.

  • Try to imagine that you have made your perfect dinner, do not imagine how it will be or how you will do it, just imagine the feeling you will have after making it.

  • Put a hand on your heart, remain silent with your eyes closed until you can feel the beat.

Well, having reached the ideal mindset, now take action.
Here is a series of absolute essentials:


Give the room air, let the person you love breathe deeply


Choose according to the atmosphere you want to creat,e but also thinking about who you invited. Jazz, lounge, classical or, why not, ambient music.


Green or blue colours relax, red tones give warmth, contrasts sharpen perceptions, checks suggest ... a bistrot. Well, choose wisely ;-)


Follow the colour tones of the sun, avoid spotlights and cold white, prefer half-light in the room and focus the light (never too "ferocious") on the table. Intimacy will be ensured.


Bread should be chosen with the utmost attention. It must be risen naturally (it will be easily digested) and rich in flavour; if possible offer more than one type of bread, preparing small portions for "cleaning the plate". Eating with your hands will help create complicity and sharpen the senses...


A little etiquette is always appropriate: forks go to the left, spoons and knives to the right.


Turn it off, and flaunt the shutdown gesture (a very effective subliminal message). Silent mode is not good because the mind remains tied to the obsessive need to check notifications. Without a mobile phone you will be present there, in those moments, 100%.


Laughing generates endorphins - no seriousness allowed at table!


Welcome with a hug, physical contact releases oxytocin. Oxytocin is called the "love hormone" for a very good reason ...


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