Our story



First things first – Arbi is a surname, the surname of our family, which for generations has worked with the sea, with love and respect. 
Our adventure began with a small shop in Tuscany, in the Fifties. Today, we are one of the largest producers in the food sector in Italy. Our products are sold and distributed at home and abroad and our surname has become a brand that is known and appreciated by consumers.

Our passion

For over 50 years, to us the sea has meant love, respect, commitment and passion. This great passion is also our business, which we love and respect just as we love and respect the sea. Day after day, we strive to go forward, wave after wave, humbly, gathering only the finest produce.

The values that inspire us

So we can always offer you the best quality, we carefully select only the best raw ingredients, with profound respect for the sea and its resources. Every phase of production, from the time of the catch to when Arbi products go onto the shelves, is closely monitored, to guarantee our consumers quality that is unchanging over time, and efficient service.

We take care over our production methods, using innovative technology while respecting tradition, making every effort to use resources and raw ingredients properly.

And we pay special attention to food safety and nutrition, investing heavily in research and development of products that are not only top quality, but also right for healthy, balanced diet, with a particular focus on child and family nutrition.

Quality, Respect, Responsibility, Innovation and Tradition. These are our fundamental values, which we pursue each day with maximum attention and great passion, believing strongly in what we do.

All of us here at Arbi are the first to enjoy and consume our own products, because we know we can have blind faith in ARBI!

Today, Arbi is a business with:

 2 production facilities
Monsummano Terme (Pistoia, Italy) currently 16,000 m2 (the new factory being built will take this up to 29,000 m2 )
Paliano (Frosinone, Italy) with an area of 18,000m2

logistics platform with a capacity of 31,000m2
Quality Systems certifications (UNI EN ISO 9001, BRC, IFS)
in-house Quality Laboratory
industrial kitchen
Our company has advanced technology, high capacity production lines and a sophisticated, fully automated traceability system that can trace all products in real time. It has a quality control laboratory, equipped to carry out all microbiological and chemical tests required to guarantee product hygiene.
Our Research & Development function has a proper kitchen where numerous tests take place to monitor the actual and perceived quality of our products and where new projects are developed.

Our quality and traceability system permits us to closely control the entire production cycle, thereby safeguarding the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of our raw materials and guaranteeing constant quality standards.

Our logistics platform is geared to respond to distribution requirements in a very rapid and flexible manner, ensuring on-time deliveries and maximum efficiency.

All designed to perfectly meet our consumers’ needs and to be able to adapt swiftly to changing market requirements in terms of taste and service.