Frozen foods: characteristics and attributes

Frozen food is safe and full of nutritional value


Freezing food is an industrial process that must comply with precise standards, regulated by legislation guaranteeing the quality of food products. The law defining frozen food in Italy is Legislative Decree no.110 of 27th January 1992.

Frozen food – food you can trust


Frozen food production machinery must guarantee a cryogenic condition (cold) constantly at or below -18° Centigrade.

A good frozen product must be frozen very quickly, which is why freezing machinery initially brings raw materials down to very low temperatures. Thanks to this, potentially dangerous organisms are crystallised and become harmless, enabling perfect preservation of any frozen product.

With freezing, liquids in the foods are not dispersed, maintaining their original nutritional and organoleptic characteristics.

When thawed, the frozen product releases the liquids without molecular damage and is full of goodness and health.

Frozen food is easy to strong>store, even in the freezer compartment of your fridge, following the instructions on the packet and the star rating indicating your freezer’s cold capacity.

Frozen food – food you can trust.

What is the difference between deep-frozen and frozen food?


Deep-frozen and frozen food is not the same thing.
The distinction is defined in an Italian law on deep freezing (D.L. no.110 of 27th January 1992), but there are other differences too.

What is deep freezing?
Deep freezing is an industrial process carried out by specialist machines, which lower food temperature very rapidly. This rapidity kills micro-organisms and prevents crystals expanding, so that cell structure stays practically intact and the food is preserved without spoiling. Deep-frozen foods keep flavours and nutritional values intact. So how should we store and consume deep-frozen foods? They must be stored following instructions on the packet, which give temperatures, ways and duration of storage.

What is freezing?
Compared with deep freezing, freezing takes place more slowly and at higher temperatures. You can freeze food at home in your freezer, where temperatures range from -6° to -30°C. The star rating on your fridge gives you the temperature: 1 star = -6°; 2 = -12°; 3 = -20°; 4 = -30°. So more stars means you can keep food for longer.

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